I’m running for Franklin County’s 6th District Magistrate, because it’s time for a change!

Whisman Postcard

 I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Franklin County 6th District Magistrate.  Growing up in Bald Knob, I’m proud to be a product of this place and the people who instilled in me a love of my community, and a desire to give back. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others, building on the foundations of the past and creating a better future.

If you know me, you know how passionate I am about our community and our potential. We’re at the beginning of a transformational era with great potential but we won’t realize that future with the ideas and leadership of the past.  It will require dedicated and skilled leadership that I will provide for the 6th district and all of Franklin County.  I’m excited to continue the work I began many years ago, helping make our community better for everyone.  I ask that you join my campaign by making a contribution, volunteering, and voting so that we can have a better tomorrow!

VOTE ERIC E. WHISMAN on November 8, for a better future!

What is a County Magistrate? Elected to a four-year term by residents of Franklin County, Magistrates direct the actions of the County with regard to managing budgets, developing projects, regulating county operations all while representing the voice of our citizens. Franklin County is made up of a “Fiscal Court” comprised of seven members, including six district Magistrates and a County Judge.  The County is divided into 6 districts, with nearly the same population in each district. 

Franklin County’s 6th District is the largest in terms of land mass, and includes the election precincts of Bald Knob F101, Bellepoint F104, Bridgeport-Botkins F108, Choatville F106, Courthouse F102, Hickory Hills F105 and St. Johns F103. 

The Franklin County Clerks Office have changed voting locations this year.   

Find where you vote here: VOTE Eric E Whisman or Franklin County Election Information