About Eric


My name is Eric Whisman and I’m running for 6th District Magistrate. I grew up in Franklin County, I attended the old Bald Knob Elementary, graduated from Western Hills High School before going on to the University of Kentucky. For more than a decade I’ve worked in the field of Historic Preservation throughout Kentucky, and now serve as the President of the statewide non-profit  preservation organization.

I’ve served our community thorough numerous roles including as an officer of the Franklin County Trust for Historic Preservation, Fundraising Chair of the Lebanon Community Cemetery in Bald Knob, the Noble Grand of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Frankfort, among other volunteer positions, and most recently as your City Commissioner.  I greatly enjoy developing ideas and working toward projects that promote our community and allow me to  help others.


Why did you decide to run for Sixth District Magistrate?

I credit my family, teachers, and many friends and mentors in my past for instilling in me many interests and a love of this place we all call home. I realized at a young age that whatever I decided to do in life, it is my calling to use my skills to help others. Today, as much as ever that’s my driving force and the reason I decided to run for this office.

Artificial boundaries of the City made it difficult to have larger conversations about the needs of our community as a whole. I want to help our community reach its potential and I know I can help make that happen. I appreciate the trust the people of Frankfort have instilled in during my time on the City Commission and I’ve decided to broaden my personal goals to help more of our community by running for Magistrate.


  • Eric Whisman prompted developers to transform the old Bridgeport School into apartments in 2016 providing much needed affordable housing in Franklin County and a new use for a treasured old building.

Why am I qualified for this position?

Having served as an elected leader of our community and having worked with leaders across Kentucky, I’ve learned a great deal and I know from experience what works and where we should be focusing. I have a great track record of developing plans and implementing solutions and I have a fresh perspective that is well informed. I’m proud of my work so far, and I’m eager to work with everyone so that together we can do better. The 6th district has been my home for most of my life, and I’m passionate about helping our community grow, to make my hometown a better place for everyone.


  • Eric grew up in Bald Knob and attended Lebanon Baptist Church as a child. He now serves on the Board of Directors of the Lebanon Community Cemetery.  The same cemetery that his Great Great Grandfather and Great Grandfather once also owned and cared for.

What would you try to focus on if you won? Are there any causes that are close to your heart?
We’ve got a lot of work to do in the 6th! Some 25% of our population is living below the poverty level. We need safe affordable housing. Our last significant road project was 30 years ago.  And still, many people don’t have internet access which has been a lifeline over the last two years. I’ll work to correct these issues and push the Fiscal Court to make investments in our community.

When I was young, the 6th district had abundant farming, a baseball field on Dry Ridge and at Bridgeport, a race track, playgrounds and gymnasiums at two schools, a mobile library and a drive-in theater, recreation on creeks like at Red Bridge and the river, community events and many civic organizations, but almost none of those exist today.  I’ll work to rebuild amenities like the ones we’ve lost by working directly with our citizens who want to make a difference!

Kentucky is leading the nation for small business development and entrepreneurship, and Franklin county has great potential. As the home of Kentucky’s Capitol, we should lead the state.  Economic Development isn’t a one-person job, and Franklin County has been complacent to rely on failed organizations for far too long.  I’ll work to rebuild partnerships and develop new entities that can help make dreams become reality.  I know it’s possible because communities all around us are doing it already.

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 How would you differentiate yourself from the other magistrates?

Together, my opponents have been tasked to lead our community for over 50 years and it’s time for change!  We’ve got a lot of work to do to build for a better future and we need new ideas and ambition.  I have the connections that are critical to developing projects and I’ve proven my ability to work with others and chart the way forward so that together we can realize our potential. I hope the people of the 6th District will give me a chance to prove that we can do better.


I love my community and our people, and I’m proud to call this home. I know we have many talented and hardworking men and women that deserve a representative that will work as hard as they do.  One that will listen to their needs, return their calls, and be an advocate for them. We have so much potential, and I’m dedicated to building a better future for all of us, because we deserve it!

I’m accessible to you.  Folks can contact me:

(502) 320-9735 or email eewhisman@gmail.com

The Franklin County 6th District includes Bald Knob, Bellepoint, Bridgeport-Botkins, Choateville, Courthouse, Hickory Hills and St. Johns.