Eric has been an active citizen to Frankfort for the majority of his life. Read more about what local media has to say about Eric and what he hopes to accomplish for the people of Frankfort.

Incumbents hold serve in city commission primary

City commission candidates talk white privilege during race relations forum

In forum, city commission candidates talk attracting young families to Frankfort

Whisman said that Frankfort needs better options for apartments, but that he joking calls the city a “hipster Mecca” because of its river, hiking trails and affordable housing. The city just needs to sell itself better, Whisman said.

Meet the Candidates

Whisman seeks to bring fresh perspective to city commission

Eric E. Whisman, 35, says he’s running primarily to revitalize a Frankfort community that he considers “stagnant population-wise and business-wise.” Focusing on downtown development — particularly concerning the Capital Plaza area — he noted that community leadership, to this point, has not been adequately invested in the future.

Odd Fellows Lodge 177th birthday brings hope to historic order

Just trying to reach out to people … of good moral character in our community that want to get involved, have a social fraternity, but want to do some good for the community,” Whisman said, grinning. “Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings and learn about the place. The first Monday of every month is a business meeting and the third meeting of every month we’ve made into a social meeting that we might do volunteer work or go out or hang out here to watch games.”

Abandoned, historic homes get help from KY Trust

Whisman is in the business of connecting the past to the present. He’s the executive director of The Kentucky Trust for Historic Preservation. “It’s actually a connection to our history, to our ancestors that built this country and left us all these great places, left us our communities.”