Your VOTE matters!

Perhaps more than in any state or national election, your VOTE makes a difference in local elections! In previous City Commission elections, as little as 17 votes have made the difference between elected offices. I encourage everyone to VOTE, and make your voice heard for the future of our community.

Here are a few tools to help you VOTE!

Want to VOTE by absentee ballot due to Covid-19, the deadline to apply online for an Absentee ballot is October 9, 2020 no later than 11:59 p.m. EST. Absentee Request Portal

Find out where you are registered to VOTE: Click Here

Do you VOTE in the City of Frankfort? View the City Precinct Map

Recently moved and need to update your registration: Click Here

Planning to be out of town on Election Day, sign up for Absentee Ballot Voting

Military and Oversees personnel may vote by Absentee Ballot

Register to VOTE! Click Here

Those youth who will turn 18 years of age before November 3, 2020 will be eligible to VOTE.  Register to VOTE in the November general election and make your voice heard! Click Here

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